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Tron Krosshaug is a professor at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and the Department of Sports Medicine at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. His main research area is sports injury prevention, with a primary focus on biomechanical analysis of serious knee injuries in various sports.

Tron defended his PhD thesis on the topic "Video analysis of the mechanisms for ACL injuries" in August 2006. In the PhD work he developed a new method for extracting detailed joint motion from videos of real injury situations. This work has resulted in important new insight into the mechanisms of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. Moreover, the method is used by researchers world-wide to investigate e.g. ankle sprains and head impacts in various sports.

Krosshaug has lead the prospective ACL risk factor study of the OSTRC, which since 2007 has resulted in 3 PhD degrees and numerous publications. He has published more than 60 papers in highly ranked international peer-reviewed journals and written several book chapters in international expert books on sports injury research and prevention. Moreover, he conducts research on strength training biomechanics and public health issues.

He is also an entrepreneur, running the company Muscle Animations, developing 3D animations of strength training exercises, with a main focus on visualizing biomechanical principles. The company aims to promote knowledge on how to maximize the effect of strength training exercises and minimize injury risk.