Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center

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About us

The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center was established in May 2000 at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. The aim of the center is to prevent injuries and other health problems in sports through research on risk factors, injury mechanisms, and prevention methods, with a particular focus on football, team handball, and alpine skiing/snowboarding, and on the most common and serious injury types.

The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center is chaired by professor Lars Engebretsen and professor Roald Bahr. The center is a joint venture between Ullevål University Hospital and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, with base funding from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture, the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee & Confederation of Sport, the International Olympic Committee, the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and Norsk Tipping AS.

In 2009, the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center was inaugurated as a FIFA Medical Center of Excellence. In the same year the center was also selected as an IOC Research Center for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health, one of nine such centers around the world.

Other staff
Professor Grethe Myklebust, PT, professor Thor Einar Andersen, MD, and professor Tron Krosshaug have key positions in research programs, teaching and supervision of Master and PhD-students. In addition. as a professor in epidemiology and biostatistics, professor dr. philos. Ingar Holme plays a central role at the center. In his position as adjunct professor, he serves as a statistical supervisor and statistician for many of the projects. This means that the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center has five researchers at the senior professor level.

The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center has 15-20 PhD-students, part-time or full-time, with a multidisciplinary background (physicians, sports scientists, physiotherapists and biomechanists), involved in different research projects. In addition, one of the Centers previous PhD-students (Kathrin Steffen) is employed as senior research fellow with a special focus of knowledge dissemination.