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Lena Kristin Bache-Mathiesen

Data Scientist



Lena Kristin Bache-Mathiesen is a data scientist at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre. She conducts statistical analyses, database work, and develops tools for working with injury data.

She completed her PhD in biostatistics with the project «Improving the Methodology of Training Load and Injury Research: An Analysis of Analyses» at OSTRC. She researched which statistical methods should be used to when analyzing training load and injury.

Previously in her career, Lena worked for three years as a statistician in Health Bergen. Here, she was a consultant for the Norwegian medical quality registries. In addition, she’s worked nine months as a biostatistician in the research department of Stavanger University Hospital. She has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Biology, which involved a master’s project heavily weighted in statistics.