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Christine Holm Moseid, born 220770, has been working as a medical doctor since 1998, graduating from University of Bergen, Norway in 1997. She is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as a certified sports physician and has also worked as a general practitioner as well as a rheumatologist. She has been involved as a sports physician both at the elite, sub-elite and recreational level, with athletes of all ages. She was recently a physician for the Norwegian Female Cross Country Skiing team. She is a member of the Norwegian bord for Sports Physicians and also a board-member of the Society for Ethics and Ethical decision making in sports in the Norwegian Confederation of Sports.

She defended her PhD thesis on “Injury and illness in youth elite athletes” from the Oslo sports Trauma Research Center and the University of Oslo in 2020. Her research focus is young elite athletes, evaluating their injury and illness burden as well as potential risk factors (early single sport specialization, talent and physical fitness) for incurring health problems in this population when entering a high-level training and competition environment.

She currently works in Get Set (En) – Skadefri (no) - which aims to implement better and more injury preventive work in children and youth sport. Skadefri/Get Set aim to motivate, educate and give ownership to the main stakeholders in youths sport – both at the general and more elite level. The Norwegian implementation model aims to narrow the gap between sports medicine research and sports in practice, working on both short term and long-term strategies. More specifically, our work involves social medias, sport club events, coach educational programs, sports organizing committees and sport academy high school educational programs.