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Asbjørn Årøen is researcher at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and Ortopedic surgeon at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Akershus University Hospital.

He has been the leader of the "Norwegian Cartilage Project" since 2015.

Asbjørn is a specialist in general surgery and orthopedic surgery and has been in clinical practice since 1995 and his clinical practice is focusing knee and shoulder injuries. He is also an appointed member of Regional Ethical committee from 1st July 2013.

In 1997 he spent one year as a research fellow at the University of Pittsburgh with Professor Freddie H. FU where he focused his research on cartilage and PCL injuries additional to clinical work.

Asbjørn served as a team physician for a local soccer club during a 2 years period with special attention to prevention of injuries.

He has published twenty nine research papers concerning the topic cartilage injuries rehabilitation, Achilles tendon ruptures, posterior cruciate ligament, posterolateral corner of the knee and ankle problems. Asbjørn has published additional review papers about cartilage injuries, book chapters in addition to instructional courses and DVD.

His PhD degree, "Cartilage Injuries and the Repair Process", considering the prevalence, injury mechanisms and treatment options for cartilage was defended by the University of Oslo in 2005.

Asbjørn was one of 4 selections for the ESSKA-ASIAN-PACIFIC FELLOWSHIP; March-April 2008, and at the moment, as a KSSTA Editorial Member. He received as the senior author the prestigious Hughston award for the best study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in 2011. From 2012, Asbjørn has been a reviewer in 6 major orthopedic journals.

He is supervising 3 PhD students focusing on diagnosis and treatment of cartilage injuries, treatment of PCL injuries, and on fracture care and prevention in children. He also serves as the leader of the Orthopedic Research Group at Akershus University Hospital.

Asbjørn´s new projects are related to the natural history of the combination of cartilage injury and anterior cruciate ligament rupture and the use of mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of cartilage injury in the knee. He has recently completed an international fellowship to take part in a biomechanical study on posterior cruciate ligament surgery with the Steadman Phillippon Research institute.