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Information about project titled 'Growth, maturation and injuries in academy athletics'

Growth, maturation and injuries in academy athletics

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Project status: Ongoing
Project manager: Eirik Halvorsen Wik
Supervisor(s): Roald Bahr, Amanda Johnson
Coworker(s): Daniel Martinez-Silvan, Marco Cardinale, Abdulaziz Farooq


Background: Injuries are common in athletics, but few studies have examined injury risk factors. While growth and maturation are considered risk factors for young athletes, the current body of research is inconclusive.

Aims: To examine growth rate, maturity status and maturity tempo as risk factors for injury in youth academy athletics athletes.

Methods: Anthropometric (stature, body mass and sitting height), skeletal maturity (skeletal age and percentage of predicted mature height) and injury data collected prospectively over four seasons (117 athlete-seasons) were included in the analyses.

Implications: If indicators of growth rate, skeletal maturity status or maturity tempo are associated with an increased risk of certain injury types, these can be monitored by coaches and practitioners to identify potentially vulnerable athletes and subsequently reduce the impact of injuries.