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Tonje Reier-Nilsen holds a MD from 2001, is a specialist in pediatrics (2011), allergology (2016) and sport’s medicine (2020). She has a Ph. D. on oral immunotherapy in children with anaphylaxis to peanut from 2019. 

Reier-Nilsen has been a consultant and a scientist at the Children’s department for Allergy and lung diseases at Oslo University Hospital (OUS) since 2011 and 2014, respectively. She started her career at the Norwegian national training centre, Olympiatoppen, in 2018. Her professional responsibility at OUS has been asthma – and in Olympiatoppen it has been the investigation and treatment of asthma and related breathing problems in athletes. She is active in the ORAACLE science group, is a member of NAAF’s (Norwegian asthma and allergy society) Science board, and joined OSTRC with her project on bronchial provocation testing in athletes in 2019. She is also enganged in the IOC consensus group on acute respiratory illness in athletes. 

Reier-Nilsen enjoys public information on health issues in general, throughout her yearlong engangement in national radio programmes, as well as more specific as a lecturer for medical students.