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Cecilie Benedicte Isern

MD PhD candidate



Cecilie Benedicte (born 1988) is connected to Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre trough her research on sudden cardiac arrest related to physical activity. Together with Hilde Moseby Berge she has previously published a review article on blood pressure in athletes. Cecilie graduated as a physician from University of Oslo in January 2015, and has since September 2017 been employed full time as a PhD-candidate at Oslo University Hospital.

Currently she conducts the majority of her research in collaboration with the Norwegian Cardiac Arrest Registry (NorCAR) situated at the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Prehospital Emergency Medicine (NAKOS), Ullevål hospital. Her main supervisor is Hilde Moseby Berge (MD, PhD). Jo Kramer-Johansen (professor and senior consultant in anaesthesiology) and Eivind Berge (professor and senior consultant in cardiology) are co-supervisors.