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Information about project titled 'Football skills and injury risk in female youth football'

Football skills and injury risk in female youth football

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Hege Grindem
Supervisor(s): Torbjørn Soligard, Thor Einar Andersen


There is a lack of studies on performance-related risk factors for injuries in football. Previous studies in this area are mainly from adult male football, and no one has yet examined whether the best or the weakest players on the team suffer the greatest injury risk.


The aim of this pilot study is to examine whether injury risk varies by the players’ skill level, defined by assessing their technical, tactical and physiological attributes.



This pilot study is a prospective cohort study with a retrospective registration of football skills. The study is a part of ”The 11+”, a cluster randomized controlled trial targeting female footballers aged 14-16 years.

Injuries and player exposure will be recorded throughout the 2007 football season. Two months after the end of the season, the coach of each team will complet a form to assess the players’ football skills compared to the rest of the team. The assessment of each player include 12 technical, tactical and physiological attributes.


The results of this pilot study will provide important information on which player is at greatest risk for injuries. Is it the best skilled player? The weakest? In which degree do technical and tacktical skills contribute to a lower injury risk? Answers to these questions may influence training activities to a larger degree.