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Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center at Aspetar


Researchers from the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center have just come back from an eventful trip from Aspetar Orthopedic & Sports medicine Hospital in Qatar, where they were invited to the first Aspetar Injury & Illness Prevention Conference.

The 2-day Aspetar Injury & Illness Prevention Conference gathered researchers from the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center (OSTRC), Sweden, Denmark, and the international clinical and research staff from Aspetar.


Program of Injury & Illness Prevention Conference


The aim of the conference was to launch the Aspetar Injury & Illness Prevention Program (ASPREV) and to present “the Scandinavian experience” of nation-wide injury & illness prevention.



Dr Khalifa Al Kuwari, Aspetar Executive Director, said “through organising this conference is to explore new ways of dealing with and preventing injuries through the medical programme, ASPREV. Based on scientific measures, ASPREV will enable early detection of injuries, which is in-line with Aspetar's philosophy of preventing injuries and providing clinical support.”


He added, "We strive through this experience to raise awareness of the Scandinavian experiment in the field of injury prevention – an experiment which has shown that the risk of common injuries like hamstring strains and knee injuries can be reduce by as much as 50%."


Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center researchers were able to present their work and highlighted the successes of prevention programs in Norway. The recurrent themes through the conference were a systematic approach to prevention research and the importance of involving key stakeholders in the dissemination and implementation of knowledge.



OSTRC and ASPREV programs


The Sport Injury & Illness Prevention Program Aspetar (ASPREV) program is led by Professor Roald Bahr. Aspetar aims to establish direct intervention initiatives to implement best-evidence and best-practice injury and illness prevention methods in Qatar while the ASPREV program is being established. 


- The initial focus of ASPREV will be on establishing the key data collection components from athlete screening, development/procurement of the data acquisition and database components needed and the recruitment of staff, Professor Bahr says.




- In Qatar, we have several unique conditions for conducting prevention research as well as many ambitious and talented researches and clinicians on board, Bahr adds.


- Our vision is that Aspetar will continue to grow as a Center of Excellence in sports medicine in the future.


Roald Bahr head of ASPREV


Besides being the Professor Roald Bahr has since October 2012 been in his new role as the head of the Aspetar Injury & Illness Prevention Program.


Professor Roald Bahr is the co-chair of the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and head physician at the Olympic Training Center.


He was named as the head of the Sport Injury & Illness Prevention Program Aspetar (ASPREV) in Oct 2012.


Besides Roald Bahr, Norway was represented by Thor Einar Andersen, Ben Clarsen, Lars Engrebretsen, Hilde Fredriksen, Eirik Kristianslund, Grethe Myklebust, Kathrin Steffen, and Tor Østhagen. They all contributed to the conference program with excellent and inspiring presentations and workshops.