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Joar Harøy will defend his PhD November 27


Monday November 27, physiotherapist Joar Harøy will defend his doctoral thesis for degree of Doctor Philosophy (PhD) at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences with the title: "Prevention of groin injuries among football players".

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Groin injuries represent a considerable problem in football and account for 4-19% of all time loss injuries among male players. Until now, groin-specific exercise programmes have not shown a significant effect on groin injury rates.

Data on Norwegian male and female elite and sub-elite football players were collected through 3 separate projects in the period of 2015-16.

The overall aims of this dissertation were:

- to develop and examine the effect of an Adductor Strengthening Programme on the prevalence of groin problems among male football players

- to test a new method for registering groin problems among players of both sexes and different levels of play

- to examine the strength and sprint effect of the FIFA 11+ warm-up programme

- to examine players’ attitudes towards groin injury prevention and their experiences with the implementation of the Adductor Strengthening Programme

Main findings:

- We found a high prevalence of groin problems among male football players during a period with match congestion

- Elite male players had 3 times’ higher risk of reporting groin problems than elite female players

- We also found that the standard FIFA 11+ programme did not increase eccentric hip adduction strength, while including the Copenhagen Adduction exercise in the programme provided the missing strength effect.

- The Adductor Strengthening Programme substantially reduced the prevalence and risk of groin problems in male football players

- Footballers believed that groin injury prevention measures are needed, but were not motivated to adopt prevention training into their training habits


Professors Thor Einar Andersen and Roald Bahr served as supervisors for Joar. This PhD-work was conducted in close collaboration with Per Hölmich (DK), Kristian Thorborg (DK) og Andreas Serner (DK/QA). 

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Program for November 27 (Place: Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Auditorium Innsikt)

10:15-11:00: Trial lecture on "How can results from randomized controlled trials (RCTs) be implemented in clinical practice? Challenges and solutions"

13:00-15:30: PhD defense: "Groin injuries among football players - a substantial but preventable problem"


1. opponent: Professor Tero Järvinen, University of Tampere, Finland

2. opponent: Professor Eamonn Delahunt, University College Dublin, Ireland

Head: Professor Kari Bø, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway

Trial lecture and PhD defense will be held in English and are open for public. WELCOME